We can start your collection
of any Debt for as Little as $75!
Sentry Commercial specialises in providing One-Stop-Shop
funds recovery and debt collection services for people
and organisations across Australia.
Getting You what’s OWED to You is what WE do!
Experts in Debt Collection Australia wide

Sentry’s core philosophy is specialising in the collection and retrieval of funds that are owed to our clients, taking the matters through to commercial litigation if neccessary. Typically though, we find that most debtors agree to settle their debt when issued a Letter of Demand from us, our approach and Letter of Demand can be compelling for most debtors.

Sentry’s process to recovery is easy – we offer you an upfront Fixed Fee of $75 for a Letter of Demand from us, on our letterhead which is delivered to your debtor. We don’t charge anything extra when paid, so No Commission is payable from recovered funds, which means you keep everything we collect or paid directly to yourselves.

Sentry Commercial is a One-Stop-Shop for all your personal & business debt recovery needs above $ 1,000 in debt value. We have over 40 years experience across all forms of debt recovery to litigation matters, we personally handle each step of the debt recovery process from issuing a Letter of Demand to the end game of Enforcing Judgement.

Our Debt Collection team have over 40 year’s experience in debt recovery, providing legal debt recovery services to a diverse range of businesses across many diverse industries, from Private, Public & Government sectors.

Our Monies Recovery service
  • NFixed Fee of $75 (plus GST) for a Letter of Demand on our letterhead;
  • NNo Commission payable from recovered monies, which means you keep everything we collect;
  • NNo joining fees or lock-in contracts;
  • NNo hidden fees or charges;
  • NWe collect all kinds of business debts over $ 1,000 and under 6 years old;
  • NExperienced debt accountants to manage your matter from start to finish.
  • NEasy to use Online Portal with 5 step Letter of Demand.


Is there a minimum or a maximum length of time I can chase a debt?
Provided that you have outstanding invoices in your possession, you can chase those debts within six years of the invoice. Be reminded that you should have maintained contact with your debtor either through payment reminders or by regular issuance of a statement of account.
What happens if they don't pay as per your Letter of Demand?
There are cases that despite the issuance of a Letter of Demand, some debtors still would not pay. In those situations, our team of experts will talk with you about the next important steps. A good example is that you may decide to start court proceedings against your debtor.
What happens if I don't have a written contract in place with the debtor?
In the absence of a written agreement or contract, there is still a variety of information that you may be able to secure that can prove that the money is due such as returned direct debit or bounced check, unpaid invoices, as well as regular statements of the amount owed.
Why should I choose a lawyer instead of a debt collection agency?
Simple. When it comes to dispute resolution, hiring a lawyer will grant you access through them to take matters to court and to impose judgments that can result in total payment including the interests. Aside from that, a debt recovery lawyer can provide you a practical assessment of your case.
When should I outsource a debt to a debt recovery lawyer?
As soon as you feel that your debtor is not responding to your internal collection efforts, then it’s the right time to seek legal support from a debt recovery lawyer. Enlisting the help of a lawyer to collect the debt has the most weight behind the situation to force your debtor to pay its obligations with the threat of legal action. Remember that no one wants to be threatened by a lawsuit or going to court just to defend themselves.
Is it possible to recover my debt collection cost from the debtor?
Yes, it is possible to recover all your collection costs from your debtor only if your Terms & Conditions include a “Cost Recovery Clause”. A debt recovery lawyer can determine in advance and advise you if the debt collection costs are recoverable or not.
The Debt Recovery Process Explained
Letter of Demand
Once you submit your debt, Woods & Day will issue a targeted legal letter demanding payment of the debt within seven (7) days. We charge a fixed rate of $75 (including GST) per letter of demand issued.
Legal Proceedings
In the event that the debt is not recovered by the letter of demand we will seek your instructions to commence legal proceedings in the Local Court of NSW to recover the debt by way of Statement of Claim. Once the statement of Claim has been served on the debtor they will have 28 days to either pay the debt or file a defense, otherwise we can file an application to enter default judgement against the debtor.
Default Judgement
If the debtor does not pay the debt or file a defence within 28 days of service of the Statement of Claim we can file an application to enter default judgment against debtor. Entry of default judgment will affect the debtor’s credit rating and allow you take action to enforce the debt.
Once judgment has been entered against the debtor the following methods can be used to recover the debt:

1.1 Writ for the Levy of Property

The sheriff will attempt to seize and sell the debtor’s property to satisfy the judgment debt. Our costs for drafting and lodging the writ are $320 (including GST) plus a Local Court filling fee of $86 (which covers one attempt at execution of the writ). A further sheriff’s fee of $86 will be charged for each additional execution attempt. A sheriff’s fee of $50 is also payable upon seizure of the debtor’s property. These costs are recoverable as part of the judgment debt.

1.2 Garnishee Order:

A garnishee order is an order that the debtor’s bank or employee pay money held in their account or wages owed to them directly to you. Our costs of preparing lodging and serving the garnishee order are $320 (including GST).

1.3 Examination Order:

An examination order is an order that the debtor attend court to be examined on their ability to pay the debt (including details of any bank accounts and property owned by them.) If the debtor fails to attend examination hearing an arrest warrant can be issued against them requiring them to attend court to be examined.

Our costs are as follows:

(a) Examination Order: $450 (including GST) plus a filling fee of $176 and a service fee of approximately $67;

(b) Attendance at Examination Hearing: $350 (including GST):

(c) Arrest Warrant: $250, plus filling fee of $86 (including GST).

1.4 Winding Up proceeding and Bankruptcy proceedings

Woods & Day is capable of acting in winding up proceedings (for debts owed by companies that are over $2,000) and bankruptcy proceedings (for debts owed by individuals that are over $5,000). Details on the process and costs of these can be provided upon request.

Defended Matters
If the debtor files a defence to the Statement of Claim we will need to discuss the matter further with you to determine the necessary response and the likely costs. In defended proceedings, our costs will be charge at our hourly rate ($320 to $400 (plus GST) per hour).