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Commercial Services

Sentry Commercial Services is a Specialist team of commerce professionals for guarding, searching, recovering and collecting your value and funds. We combine the most efficient and cost-effective options and solutions across Australia to protect your value and future legacies. Best of all, we can provide you total peace of mind that someone’s got your back, now AND after you’re gone!

Sentry Commercial Services
Estates and Living Wills

If your tomorrow never comes do you have plans for what you want to happen in place?

Survey says that over 52% of eligible adults don’t have any plans in place if the worst was to happen.

Get peace of mind with one of our tailored Living Will packages.

Will Executor Services

By having our Will Executor option, all the burden of handling arrangements and administration of the estate will be taken care of by us professionally & independently.

Leaving your loved ones space to absorb the loss, or perhaps there’s no one you feel you could trust to handle it, either way we’re your rock.

Unclaimed Monies Recoveries

Let our recovery specialists help you in finding your unclaimed funds in case you lost track of your accounts.

From documentation and with submitting your claim proposals, let us help you.

Debt Collection Services

Our personal touch of communicating with your debtor often produces positive results.

Hand the matter to the professionals and we will recover the money for you.

Guidance over and protection of your value and legacy

Understand your worth and let us help you guard those blessings.

Whether it be reminding your debtors that an immediate payment should take place or receiving a phone call from us that we’ve found lost funds in your name, we ensure your monies end up in the right hands. Start your Sentry Living Will package and rest peacefully knowing your Care, Legal & Financial instructions are in place in case of accident or incapacity along with your Last Will, and Testaments, and care directives. We can help you complete it in less than 30 minutes using our online form. We will also be there for you when needed, to carry out your Will’s instructions as an independent professional at a time when families should only be dealing with their grief. Most of all, we’re fair and unbiased.

Sentry Living Wills and Estate Planning

How will you be cared for if you’re sick or injured and can’t look after yourself and your finances?

How will your children/dependants or pets be cared for?

Make Your Life Count

Within an hour, we can help put these in place for you to cover all your worries.

Our legally customized, compliant & approved Last Will & Testaments, Power of Attorneys, and Advanced Health Care Directive forms can be easily filled out either online, by phone, or by private appointment at your home with one of our qualified consultants.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to have your future wishes in place.

Over 50% of adults die WITHOUT a legal Will in place! Do the right thing and own the moment. Sustain it, and you get to write the story too.

Consider this; if you pass away without a will, the Court will decide what happens to your assets under Intestacy Laws. leaving your loved ones dealing not only with the grief of your loss but also a legal and probable, family nightmare.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to have your future wishes in place

Unclaimed Monies Recoveries
Researching, determining, and preparing claims to recover unclaimed monies are indeed a time-consuming and resource intensive procedure. With more than 40 years of experience in the pursuit of recovering unclaimed monies, Sentry Commercial is always ready to work with you to retrieve potential funds belonging to you.

With our highly experienced recovery experts, you can be sure that you’re being taken care of while minimizing the expenditure of your time and resources.

Getting You what’s OWED to You is what WE do!

Sentry Debt Collection Services

Sentry Commercial is a One-Stop-Shop for all your personal & business debt recovery needs above $1,000 in debt value. We have over 40 years experience across all forms of debt recovery including litigation matters. We personally handle each step of the debt recovery process from issuing a Letter of Demand to the end game of Enforcing Judgement.

For as little as $75 we can get your recovery underway with our easy-to-fill up online forms, and reviewed by one of our qualified consultants.